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Kandrevas Aims to Protect Michigan's Tool-and-Die Workers
2009-4-9 13:42:15

LANSING ¨C In a move to protect Michigan's tool-and-die workers, State Representative Andrew Kandrevas (D-Southgate) has sponsored legislation that will hold companies accountable for paying auto parts suppliers in a timely manner.

"Tool-and-die shop owners who are already struggling are not being paid for their work, and that is putting many at risk of having to shut their doors," Kandrevas said. "Though the whole auto industry is struggling, it is not acceptable to simply stop payment to the thousands of auto parts suppliers that employ Michigan workers."

The auto industry's struggles have had a ripple effect on parts suppliers throughout Michigan, causing tool-and-die makers' payments to be delayed for months or never made at all. Kandrevas' legislation allows tool-and-die companies to recover court costs, damages and interest that result from non-payment. It is part of a broad plan to ensure that Michigan's cash-strapped tool-and-die shops stay open and continue to provide jobs that support working families.

"My top priority is creating good-paying jobs and protecting the ones we have from being outsourced to other states and countries," Kandrevas said. "By making sure that our tool-and-die makers get paid in a timely manner for their work, we can prevent the loss of thousands of jobs and keep these vital businesses in Michigan."

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